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To research, develop, and manufacture superior chemicals and ceramics providing our customers and partners the most effective, safest materials available. ADS is committed to serving our customers by offering excellent product technical support and customer service.
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Green Product Guide-2011

Green Manufacturing and the
ADS Green Product Guide

American Dental Supply, Inc. has a long history of green manufacturing. By introducing products for the dental lab that were non-hazardous, biodegradable, and safe to use, we have strived to make the work environment safer. We start with the highest quality, premium raw materials, and our products do more-with less, are often reusable, and last longer. By also offering products in bulk sizes and in concentrate, we encourage customers to "reduce" their own "footprint".

For its packing material, ADS has used clean newspapers from local printers for over twenty years. We also have agreements with local distribution companies to pick up clean, unwanted foam peanuts and reuse them. We make products that repair and prevent equipment damage. Our product innovations save resources, and make more efficient use of energy.

National Association of Dental Laboratories Dental Trade Alliance

American Dental Supply, Inc. is a proud member of the Dental Trade Alliance and the National Association of Dental Laboratories.


About Us...


American Dental Supply, Inc. has been manufacturing fine specialty chemicals and ceramics for the dental industry for over 35 years. Many of our products are the best in their respective categories, unbeatable in performance and value.

The Tradition Of Reliability Continues

American Dental Supply, Inc. was founded in 1977 by President and Owner, Ricky Hochhauser in Easton, Pennsylvania. Since then, ADS, Inc. has continued to evolve into one of the dental industry’s leading manufacturers in chemicals and ceramics. All of our products are produced with the highest quality raw materials giving you the best possible results. Our product line provides for all of your chemical requirements and excellent technical support is always included. Our customers are extremely loyal - knowing that American Dental Supply, Inc. stands behind everything it makes.

New product development and research is important

With changing technology all around us, we are at the forefront pursuing new ventures and chemical innovations designed to carry your dental business into the future. Les Hochhauser, V.P. New Product Development and Research and our Master Chemist is aware of the challenges that our customer's face in today’s market, and is devoted to ensuring that you are equipped to meet those demands.

Our motto is "We have your solution."

ADS, Inc. will also provide customized solutions for your specific laboratory or office needs. Our technical staff develops materials specifically for the dental lab and office where economy, performance, and safety are essential. Contact us for your solution!

Shop our online catalog 24 hours a day, get important product and sales information or send us an email - it’s all accessible and designed with your convenience in mind.

With technology advances and increasing security measures over the Internet, our customers are finding it easier and safer to do business online. To meet the demand, American Dental Supply redesigned and relaunched its website, making it safer, faster and easier for you to do business with us.

We are also excited about incorporating our Leach & Dillon Product line into the ADS Product Catalog and online shopping experience. The acquisition of Leach & Dillon Products of Dillon Company, Inc. of Cranston, Rhode Island in 2009, brought together some of the dental lab industry’s strongest brands.

ADS, Inc. is now able to provide more products that focus on the cosmetic aspects of dentistry such as Cerpress SL™ Pressable Porcelain, Sensation SL™ Porcelain, Silhouette™ Porcelains, and the Enigma™ Cosmetic Removable Appliance, considered the most beautiful premium denture teeth on the market. Patented products such as Diamon-All® Premium Cutting Instruments, Creare® Ringless Casting System, Tech-Star Alloy®, and precious powders like Lab® Nu-Met and Reecast, have also become a welcome addition to the ADS product line-up.

We hope you have been enjoying these great products we are now manufacturing in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Educational and Product Training Courses

ADS, Inc. conducts hands-on training courses for CE Credit with its growing product line at corporate headquarters in Allentown, PA. Our products are great performers in the dental lab, and we want our customers to understand all benefits and usage applications. We have also partnered with dental labs and national education training centers to bring customers additional product training and tips. Our hands-on training classes are designed to help improve the quality of your dental cases, making your clients and patients happier.

Along with these hands-on courses we are planning great new Product Training Webinars to our website. We will offer informative lectures, and educational and technical courses with CE Credits available.

Check out the training course calendar on our website, and sign-up for monthly newsletter for the latest schedule announcements and great offers.

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Private Label Service

Brand Recognition
Manufacturing wholesale private label products that work for your company is another service ADS, Inc. provides. Designed to display your logo with formulas developed to your specifications, private label brand may be the answer to your marketing needs. Private label packaging is a cost effective method to market any size business.
When you partner with ADS, Inc. you receive the most exceptional products, packaged and labeled, produced and shipped in a timely manner, at a price that works for your business.
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Product Sampling

ADS, Inc. Assisted Product Sampling Introductions

Need assistance manufacturing your latest products introductions in sample sizes? ADS, Inc. can make it happen...

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Stocked Manufacturing Facility – American Dental Supply, Inc. operates a stocked manufacturing facility and ships internationally to customers all over the world. 

Quick Delivery – ADS is set up to fill your orders and ship it fast.  We offer shipment via land, sea and air.   UPS Standard, Federal Express and competitive freight is available as needed.

Excellent Product Selection –  We are dedicated to producing the finest chemical and ceramic products available. ADS also publishes and distributes a comprehensive and informative product catalog.  We also provide online product shopping in which customers are able to make purchases after selecting the dealer of their choice.

Custom Chemical Specialties and Custom Solutions“We Have Your Solution.”  is our motto and at ADS research and development staff are available to create custom chemical solutions for your lab customers.